AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly Had Fun Fighting Against McLaren and Ferrari in 2021


Pierre Gasly had an exciting season this year, consistently battling McLaren and Ferrari in his AlphaTauri, finishing ninth in the Drivers’ Standings with a total of 110 points, just 5 points shy of Daniel Ricciardo. He also scored more points this year than in any of his previous three full seasons, missing the top 10 just three times in races where he also made it to the finish line. Meanwhile, his team narrowly lost out on P5 in the Constructors Standings, falling 13 points behind Alpine. The French outfit only managed to pull clear of AlphaTauri later in the year, boosted by Fernando Alonso’s podium finish and Ocon finishing P5 in Qatar. “What we have achieved as a team, when we look at all the previous years of AlphaTauri and Toro Rosso, is incredible,” said the French driver, as per Autosport. “So [I’m] really proud of these guys, and also hopeful for the next year and what we can achieve. Because they have proved this year that they can perform at very high levels.” Even so, Gasly still believes that 2020 was actually his best year, seen as how that’s when he had his shocking win at Monza. “As an entire season, 22 races, I must say I enjoyed all 22,” he added. “Coming into a race weekend knowing you’re going to be fighting for points, you’re going to fight with Ferraris and McLarens, is just a different kind of excitement.” As far as the next season is concerned, the AlphaTauri star knows that anything can happen – meaning it could be the same, better or worse for his team. However, as fans, if there’s less of a gap between the front runners and the midfield, drivers such as Gasly can begin to impose their will more on the outcome of any given race.