Alto R1713 Teardrop Trailer Does Things Differently, And Shines Because of It


Folks, if you’ve heard of Safari Condo before, it means you’ve been keeping up with autoevolution. However, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then this short article may leave you with the drive to discover more about this team. Since 1998, Condo has had a presence on the market, although things started with another name. Only in 2003 did this crew take on their current name. Nonetheless, the fact that they’re still running strong in a cut-throat industry means something. As for the machine we’ll be looking at today, it’s a sort of teardrop trailer known as Alto Series R1713, the “R” standing for “Retractable,” and it refers to the roof, but I’ll get to that shortly. Overall, you’ll be towing along a mobile habitat that sleeps up to four guests but weighs no more than 1825 lbs (827 kg), depending on the standard features included. How is this achieved? It’s all about the design and materials involved in the construction of R1713. It starts with an aluminum frame that stands as a base for the sandwiched aluminum-siding walls. The roof is completed similarly with a one-piece curved aluminum roof. All that’s then set upon a galvanized steel axle with Flexiride independent suspension. 13-inch or 15-inch wheels can be used to get you moving along. With everything in place, R1713 features a length of 5.26 m (17.25 ft), a width of 2.11 m (6.9 ft), and an exterior height with the roof down of 2.11 m (6.9 ft). Open, the top takes up 2.56 m (8.4 ft) and offers 2.08 m (6.8 ft) of headroom, more than enough to stretch your legs in the morning. While moving, R1713 will look like any other teardrop camper on the market, but once pulled over for the night, the interior habitat will include everything you need. Yes, this consists of the galley too; it’s inside. Best of all, the one feature very few teardrop campers include is a bathroom. Guess what? This camper has a bathroom too. As you enter the camper via the starboard side, to the right sits nothing more than a modular dinette that can be converted into a forward bed. Need another bed? There’s an option for a bunk too. Straight ahead, you’ll see the galley, fit with a two-burner stove, sink, microwave oven, and a fridge. There’s storage underneath as well. Across from the galley and to the left of the entrance, R1713 shows off an essential bathroom cabinet fit with toilet and spray flush. For showers, you could modify this area or use the exterior outlet. At the rear of the home, Safari Condo features a large area to create a king bed or two singles. This space can be converted into dining too, just in case you make new friends and need a larger space to accommodate everyone. Everyone will get a load of endless windows and a large moonroof, perfect for keeping you in tune with the exterior world. Other standard features include an auxiliary battery, converter, LED lighting, 60 liters (15 gallons) of freshwater, and a few safety features. However, if you feel like taking things to a whole new level, Condo Safari is the sort of team that’s there to equip you with solar power and other goodies you feel you need. All that’s going to run you extra, though. Speaking of running you extra, how much do you think the R1713 will run you? Well, the models running up to the 2025 model year are starting at 50,799 CAD or 39,911 USD (at current exchange rates). Sure, it may be a tad pricier than what you may be used to paying for a teardrop camper, but honestly, it looks as though you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Something to consider if you’re looking to do things differently this year.