Amazon acquires 1,000 autonomous driving systems for large trucks


Amazon recently placed an order for 1,000 units of the PlusDrive autonomous system for heavy trucks from Start-up Plus. This firm also expects to receive a large percentage when it goes public.

Retail and logistics giant Amazon and tech startup Plus, founded in 2016 and already have a huge and enviable portfolio of investors, have agreed to work together.

Amazon has commissioned at least 1,000 units of its autonomous driving system for heavy trucks and is dubbed PlusDrive. This system, which has already been announced ready for implementation in production models, began its testing phase with customers several years ago and has therefore been in operation for some time.

According to Plus, the system can be adapted to different types and models of trucks and will be available this year in the flagship model of FAW Group’s FAW Group FAW J7L3 truck division. Plus also has investors like SAIC or GSR Ventures Management in its investors, in addition to some of the major players in the industry like Iveco or Cummins.

In addition to the massive acquisition of autonomous driving systems for its vehicles, Amazon has signed an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in Plus once it goes public, according to recent reports. What will happen soon.

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