American-Made Bushwhacker Teardrop Trailer Brings Affordable Off-Road Capabilities


Some time ago, a group of RV veterans, some of which have worked with Jayco, decided they’ve had enough of the classic RV game, you know, the one where manufacturers start small, with promise, and eventually sell-out to major corporations. With a will to do things differently, Indiana-based RV manufacturer, Braxton Creek, is aiming to approach the RV industry from a different angle. And I must say that their approach does have its benefits, especially financial ones.

To get a good idea of what this team can offer would-be adventuring families, I’ve chosen to shed light upon one of the only two models this team offers, the Bushwhacker teardrop trailer. The other model is known as the Bushwhacker Plus, but we’ll feature that hearty trailer some other time.

Now, I mentioned that one of the great benefits of working with Braxton is that of price, and it would seem so. The Bushwhacker teardrop comes in with a price tag of around $14,000 (€11,781 at current exchange rates), all depending on who your dealer is. Some folks have reported rates as low as $12,500, and as high as $17,000 for a bare-bones, standard model.

As far as layout goes, this trailer doesn’t differ very much from other teardrops in that the interior is meant for a living and sleeping space, while outside and at the rear of the trailer, you’ll find a classic style accessible galley.

The entire camper is completed from a welded aluminum frame and uses a Filon fiberglass exterior skin. All set up on a powder-coated, heavy-gauge steel frame with 2,200-lb (998-kg) torsion-flex, independent suspension axle with electronic brakes, and oversized AT radial tires with rally-sport wheels, and the Bushwhacker looks like it might be ready for a bit more than just tarmac.

Throw on a heavy-duty roof rack, exterior LED lighting, under-mount with hidden spare, and solar prep package, and this trailer is starting to show off its off-grid capabilities as well. There’s also a 30-amp converter with detachable power cord and a powder-coated dual battery, LP tank and generator platform. Looks like things are getting a little tight.

Don’t worry, however, with an exterior length of 13.12 ft (4.01 m), width of 6.75 ft (2.06 m), and height of 6.83 ft (2.08 m), this trailer seems to be able to offer enough interior living space for quite a setup. At the front of the trailer, two guests will be sleeping north to south on a set of twin mattresses. If you’d like, I’m sure you can switch out this feature for a queen.

Towards the rear, Braxton includes an entertainment center with TV and antenna prep, air-conditioning unit, 12,000 BTU furnace, and a Bluetooth compatible stereo system. Overhead, a 12-volt, 3-speed roof vent and plenty of storage space are also available. Radio and system controls, USB ports and LED lighting are featured as well.

As for the rear galley, this is one of my favorite places to explore in a trailer of this nature. Why? Simple, I like to eat. Don’t worry about my health though, I only weigh about 170 lbs. Whenever you’re ready to eat too, just pull your traveling rig over, setup the stabilizing jacks, and get to cooking with a two-burner top, sink with faucet, 12-volt cooler, and 24 gallons (90.85 liters) of freshwater. What more do you need?

Oh, you do want more? Well, I’m sure Braxton would be all ears to find out what your dream Bushwhacker would be, and then helping make it happen. Of course, that’s going to cost you extra, so do bring your checkbook.

Now, I’m not saying that this travel trailer will be the very last one you ever buy, but it should be one to consider for your next road-worthy getaway seeing as how it’s pretty dang solid for under $15K.