American-Made Denali XL Towers Over Other Tiny Houses in the Off-Grid Game


Folks, Denali XL is a tiny house from an American designer and builder from Alabama, Timbercraft Tiny Homes (TTH). There isn’t much about when this crew started building mobile homes, but with over a 35K following on Instagram, clearly, there’s something to see here. Well, take the Denali XL as the perfect example of the sort of work this team can achieve. If you’re new to the whole tiny house movement, then Denali XL may be the sort of unit to which you’ll compare all subsequent models. Overall, much about this mobile home isn’t specified on the manufacturer’s website. Even the images in the gallery will reveal multiple floorplans and layouts or interior design ideas. Why? Well, because a home like this is usually a completely custom unit, much like yachts. Speaking of yachts, this may be an excellent time to see how much this home will run you. Depending on the sort of bedroom layouts you choose, you’ll be looking at a unit with a starting price of around 125,000 USD (110,746 EUR at current exchange rates). By the time you’re done making it a true home, you’ll probably go well beyond that rate. Denali XL is built in a similar fashion to all other homes from TTH, with a custom-built trailer inclusive of electric brakes on all axles and a break-away system, to name a few. To help maximize vertical space, the floor is built directly into the trailer, not on top. With “advanced” 2×4 framing in the walls and roof and three inches of closed-cell spray foam insulation, there’s no need to say you will survive no matter the weather outside. A standing seam metal roof helps make sure of that. Put all that together, and you’ve got Denali XL. But how heavy is it? Again, the mystery seems to be the game because that info isn’t revealed. It makes sense considering each one is custom. Nonetheless, we were able to find that some units can weigh as much as 23,000 lbs (10,432 kg). Quite a bit, but you’ll have access to up to 400 square feet (37 square meters) of space. About the interior of each Denali XL, what is there to say? Just have a look. The first impression I was given was of a rustic and very traditional home. This is achieved by heavy use of wood balanced with composites, tiles, and color (paint and materials), not to mention lighting. Features like a fireplace in the living room, a kitchen that makes the one I have at home appear as though I need a new job, I don’t, and a bathroom with the works appear to be built and designed with one thing in mind, comfort. Heck, you’re literally buying a home on wheels; it better be nice. As for sleeping, maybe you want a loft bedroom. No? Perhaps you’d like a ground-level bedroom. Hmm. How about two loft bedrooms? Ok, ok. Throw in a modular couch and invite your friends along to join the trip. In truth, you decide what and where. You can extend the standard capabilities Denali XL already has with things like solar panel wiring, quartz countertops, and that double loft bedroom setup I mentioned. Want more? Just bring cash. To fully understand how focused on customization TTH may be, you’re even able to choose how many entrances into your home you wish for. Overall, Denali XL looks like the sort of mobile home that’s just missing the white picket fence. Other than that, you can understand why the whole tiny house movement has been taking off lately. Personally, I think it’s just a plan to get you to sell your land to future corporations.