American Wolf Pack Gold Is Homey Toy Hauler With Everything Needed for Adventures


Cherokee is currently a brand under Forest River Inc., a group of companies that’s been around since 1996, with what seems to be, just one goal in mind, that of buying out as many RV and travel trailer manufacturers around. This team even went as far as closing a deal with money guru Warren Buffet.

Now, the Cherokee family has more than one type of travel trailer or toy hauler, but the Wolf Pack Gold Series is one lineup worth taking a closer look at. Why? Simply because this class is meant to boast some of the best of what can come out of this RV manufacturing group.

This family offers five different floorplans to choose from, but I’ll be looking at the smallest of them all, the 22Gold13, as to get a solid idea of what to expect from this class and why; ultimately, how you’ll be living and under what comfort levels is the most important, not to mention the price of something like this.

So far, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t state anything about what sort of construction this toy hauler features, but overall, it comes in with a whopping GVWR of 11,160 lbs (5,062 kg) while having a UVW of 5,808 lbs (2,634 kg). That should allow for more than enough cargo room to bring along several vehicles and exploration accessories. Whatever the case, you’d better have a vehicle and travel rig able to haul something like this. With an exterior length of 29.33 ft (8.94 m), width of 8.5 ft (2.59 m), and height of 12.41 ft (3.78 m), this towable is not small.

If you’ve had a look in the gallery by now, you’ve noticed the exterior construction and what it looks like. Note, however, that your own Wolf Pack trailer can look very different from this as the team offers a ton of options to create the travel trailer of your dreams. Even going as far as offering some off-grid capabilities.

One very neat and essential feature of a toy hauler is that rear ramp door. Why is it so nice to have this feature? Well, let’s say you’re looking for a weekend to get away from the noise and the last thing you’re going to bring along is some noisy off-road vehicle. If that’s the case, just use this ramp door as nothing more than an elevated patio to hang out with your guests and mingle on.

As for the interior of this mobile home, it’s the first place you’ll place your unique and signature lifestyle. But to do so, you’ve got to have the essentials to live out on the road. Because of its large and roomy build, you’ll find everything you need to live comfortably for at least a few days.

A large king bed with nightstands and overhead storage sit at the front of the Gold13 followed by a large bathroom with separate facilities and even two entries into the space in case you’ve got a bad hangover and don’t want to lock eyes with anyone. There’s a medicine cabinet too, just ready to cure you for the day.

Beyond the bathroom, the kitchen lies in wait with utensils like a three-burner stovetop, microwave, fridge, and large sink with faucet. With up a minimum of 50.5 in (128 cm) of space between these features, you can fit an ATV or other similar vehicles with ease.

The rear of the hauler features a folding dinette that allows you to free up the trailer for even more gear, and with a tad bit of work, can be transformed into another suitable sleeping area. The gallery also shows an image with a lifting bed over the dinette. Real-wood cabinetry and drawers and LED lighting fill the space.

A heated underbelly, enclosed holding tanks, 35,000 BTU ducted furnace, and ducted AC are all among the standard features available when you purchase one of these behemoths. A quick-recovery water heater, and outside hot/cold shower are also standard. Things like a rubber garage floor or larger freshwater tanks will cost extra.

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with this toy hauler. If that’s the case, there’s good news and bad news. If you want one, you’ll most likely need to use a dealership. Sure, not the greatest news, but some of these dealerships offer 2022 builds starting at rates of $45,000 (€37,985 at current exchange rates), depending on the accessories included in the deal. Ultimately, you’ll probably be able to find an even sweeter deal, so give it some thought.