An inexpensive electric car Elaris Finn with a power reserve of 265 km is presented


The cost of the basic version turned out to be less than 10 thousand dollars, and the weight of the electric car did not reach 1 thousand kg.

Jiangsu Jintan Changdanghu has presented a new electric car named Elaris Finn. Details about the new product became known on Sunday, May 16. At the same time, sales of the car in Europe will begin very soon.

The Elaris Finn is only 2,870 mm long and the axle spacing is 1,770 mm. The total weight is only 930 kg. Thus, a miniature car can be compared to the Smart ForTwo. At the same time, the developers tried to equip the novelty with a bright and interesting appearance – the headlights were narrowed and received an LED filling, and the running lights, on the contrary, look massive. For all its compactness, the trunk can hold 277 liters. But the interior is made in the spirit of modern traditions – Elaris Finn is equipped with an advanced multimedia complex, which has a 12.3-inch touchscreen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Also, buyers can count on the climate control system, ABS and ESP. The power of the electric motor is only 48 hp and the maximum speed cannot exceed 115 km / h.

The power reserve on a single charge is 265 km. You will have to pay $ 9.5 thousand for the starting equipment, and the top version costs $ 13 thousand.

Meanwhile, it became known that the maximum configuration of the electric crossover HiPhi X turned out to be cheaper than the base version of the Tesla Model X. At the same time, the level of comfort of such a car will be higher.