Another Audi RS2 Avant Hits the Market on Bring-a-Trailer


Cars like the Audi Ur Quattro and first-gen Audi R8 are among the most popular classic models to wear four rings. Those are the cars that enthusiasts think of when they think classic Audis. However, there’s another car that’s arguably equally as important as the other two aforementioned cars and every bit as desirable — the Audi RS2 Avant.


The RS2 Avant was never sold in the North America, so whenever one goes on sale here, as one is now, it piques our interest. This specific car that’s currently up for auction on Bring-a-Trailer was a French-market car that was imported to Quebec, which is where it now lives.


It wears a Volcano Black Pearl Effect paint finish with black leather interior, both of which seem to be in very good shape considering its age. This particular RS2 is a 1995 model year and has 162,000 miles on it.

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