Apparently, Tesla Model 3 Has a Farting Problem Now and People Are Embarrassed


As controversial as he may be, Elon Musk is a funny guy, you have to give him credit for that. He certainly takes the time to keep this fresh in our minds, as he did back in 2018 with the farting sound hilariously dubbed “Emissions Testing Mode.” Now, this feature has gone haywire, as reported by an unhappy owner who can’t get his car to stop farting. What started as a funny joke back in 2018 is back to haunt Tesla owners today. On both occasions, it was the holiday update that started it all. The Emission Testing Mode was an easter egg hidden in the car’s menu with no less than seven options for the farting sound. Musk was so proud of his joke that he followed up with a tweet saying “Please put ‘invented car fart’ on my gravestone. This is my only request.” Fast forward three years and a new Holiday update was sent to Tesla vehicles around the world. Only this time it ruined the life of at least one Tesla owner, who took to Reddit to express his perplexity. According to Reddit user Beautiful_Phone_888, the fart function is misbehaving, being impossible to turn off. He posted a video showing his car “farting” every single time a door is opened, despite having the function set to “off” in the menu. You can see how this funny story could turn into a nightmare, especially when the guy wants to take someone out on a date. He does not have an explanation about what triggered the car to become so flatulent, but it certainly happened after this year’s holiday update. Unfortunately, he is not alone in misery, as other Tesla owners reported similar problems with their cars in Tesla forums. Of course, software is software, and Tesla had its fair share of mistakes in the past in this regard. Recently, Tesla even got under investigation by NHTSA after people complained the driver can play games behind the wheel while the car is in motion. At least, this farting situation is not that dangerous, even though embarrassing.