Apparently These Cars Can Die Next Year and Nobody Will Care


It’s been a year of car companies trying to find the chips to build more cars. Despite that difficulty, one source says that there are at least ten cars that everyone is ready to see go the way of the Dodo. Let’s see if you agree with all or none of them. Isn’t it interesting that each time a performance vehicle goes away, everyone complains? The truth is that oftentimes, those cars aren’t particularly lucrative for automakers. At the same time, this list from Jalopnik seems to prove that sometimes, athletism isn’t enough for people to want cars to live on. First, everyone complains about the Dodge Charger. That kind of makes sense. Sure, Dodge has kept them alive with enough horsepower to jumpstart the heart of an aircraft carrier. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always make up for the cheap interior bits, the door cards that peel themselves off of the door, and the chassis that date back to 2005. Then there’s the Nissan GT-R which also feels like it’s simply too old to keep going. Nissan is clearly investing in the 400Z right now, so perhaps it’s time that Godzilla took a nap so that it can come back rested, stronger, and faster. Of course, it’s not just older vehicles that should get the ax, according to the general public. The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe, the Jeep Renegade, and the Kia Soul all ended up on the list. All of them get knocked for their design more than their actual quality. Of course, then there are some vehicles that just don’t meet expectations. First, someone mentioned that every single vehicle on sale today should get at least 20mpg. That’s probably fair. The Jeep Compass and the Ford Ecosport also get picked for the chopping block for the same reason. Low-quality vehicles are getting harder and harder to find, though, and that’s great news. What do you think? Which vehicles would you kill off right now and why?