Apple Makes Its Waze Alternative Available for More Users, Still Not There Yet


Waze is right now the largest traffic navigation app with incident reporting capabilities, and while Coyote is a handy alternative, its European focus limits its availability.

But on the other hand, Apple itself seems to be interested in expanding on Waze territory. And an update released a long time ago for Apple Maps does just that, allowing users to send traffic reports from iPhones and CarPlay.

However, the rollout of this new feature advanced just as slowly as pretty much every other Apple Maps feature. The Cupertino-based tech giant clearly isn’t in a rush to make this update available for more users, and the availability improves at a painfully slow pace.

Earlier this week, however, Canadian users started noticing incident warnings in Apple Maps, and as it turns out, they are now allowed to send their own reports too. Just like in the United States, they can flag speed cameras, accidents, and other hazards in Apple Maps, both from an iPhone and CarPlay.

The rollout is believed to have happened silently, with Apple using a gradual release to expand the availability to more users in the country.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple Maps can already be considered a fully-featured Waze rival.

Not at all, and the biggest shortcoming is exactly this super-slow release. As a native iPhone app, Apple Maps has huge potential to become the go-to navigation solution, but all these drawbacks have been pushing users to alternative apps for a long time already.

And right now, it just looks like the main focus for Apple Maps remains the United States.

The major update announced by Apple last year, and which includes stopping signs and traffic light information, is still rolling out to international markets. And this kind of says a lot about Apple’s non-U.S. focus, as the company clearly doesn’t consider the global availability of certain features a top priority in the long term.