Apple Thanks Engineers for Helping to Build a Better Google Maps Rival


Apple has been trying to build a more powerful competitor for Google Maps for several years already, and while the company has indeed rolled out several big improvements, they are still available only for a very limited number of users. The new Apple Maps, for example, is still live only in a handful of regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and a few other countries. So yes, Apple is indeed working on building a better Google Maps alternative, but on the other hand, the company isn’t necessarily in a rush to bring it to users worldwide. However, the company seems to be pleased with the progress Apple Maps has made lately. Apple has started sending out small gifts to Apple Maps engineers to show its appreciation for their recent work. “You continued to innovate long past the point others might have, ‘this is good enough.’ You saw around the corners, and gave our customers a revolutionary product they didn’t even know they needed yet. Thank you for all of your distinct contributions to this product and for building on the legacy of great work here at Apple,” a message included in the box reads. Needless to say, the package doesn’t include a new iPhone, as some may have hoped, but small items related to the mapping software. For example, engineers are getting some custom Apple Maps pins and stickers, as well as other small items supposed to highlight the progress the app has been making lately. In the meantime, everybody is waiting for the new Apple Maps experience to become available in their regions. Apple is often seen as the only big name that could take on Google Maps, so it’s pretty clear everybody has very high expectations on this front. Apple has recently started integrating incident reporting in Apple Maps, and this has made many dream of a product that could compete against the Google-owned Waze traffic navigation app.