Apple’s Waze Alternative Launches for More Users, Also Available on CarPlay


Waze is a must-have application for a wide variety of reasons, but one of the most important is without a doubt its reporting system that allows users to flag the things they come across on the road and therefore alert other drivers as they approach the same location.

In other words, Waze is a really accurate way to figure out what’s happening ahead on your route, and all based on the user community and the live reports everybody sends.

While several other companies have tried to build alternatives to Waze, no other application has grown as big as Google’s, so right now, if you’re looking for a crowdsourcing-based traffic navigation app, this is pretty much your only solid choice.

In the meantime, however, there’s another tech giant exploring this app category. It’s Apple, the iPhone maker that has long been offering a navigation app but which has mostly been interested in the standard feature package and nothing more.

Until recently, that is, as Apple Maps has been updated with incident reporting capabilities, therefore becoming a direct Waze rival in those limited areas where it’s available. And given Apple Maps is pre-loaded with every iPhone, it’s easy to see how big this update can eventually become.

But for now, the incident reporting capabilities have been only available to a handful of users, with Apple clearly not in a rush to expand its Waze alternative.

The good news is the incident reporting is now live in more regions, with users in the United Kingdom allowed to flag the location of crashes, hazards, and speed checks on the maps. This feature is available both on the iPhone and on CarPlay, as long as the navigation is configured and running on the screen.

Of course, Apple has remained completely tight-lipped on its release calendar, so nobody knows precisely who’s supposed to get the incident reporting capabilities in Apple Maps next.