ARB’s “Speedcrush” 4Runner Is How Lightning McQueen Would Hit the Off-Road Trail


We are not sure if down under in Australia the folks over at ARB 4×4 Accessories like to stream a lot of popular movie content. But it seems their American division is actively seeking to showcase the off-roading connections between popular franchises and some of the vehicles they hold dearest. Whether real or just imaginary fantasies, the case can be made that ARB USA loves them stories… with an off-road twist.

While the accessory specialist made a name for itself with parts for rock-crawling and dune-bashing enthusiasts, it seems the partnership with the Blue Oval for a complete build on the sixth-generation Bronco opened up the appetite for something more. As such, ARB USA has already presented another couple of complete vehicle builds in the span of just a few months.

They’ve intertwined the news about introducing their ARB Base Rack and next-generation Intensity V2 LED driving lights with the reveal of The Lone Ranger. Naturally, although it’s inspired by the iconic Texas Ranger, it’s also just as obviously based on Ford’s Ranger pickup truck – which has been treated to a bevy of off-road and overlanding features.

History is about to repeat itself, now. Only that it’s a Pixar character serving as inspiration and instead of a truck we are dealing with an SUV. Dubbed the ARB Speedcrush, this 2020 Toyota 4Runner isn’t gunning for enhanced street dynamics like the recent 2022 model year. Instead, it’s all about safe adventures where there’s no tarmac in sight for miles.

ARB notes that back in 2020, Toyota introduced the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) system on its off-road vehicles, and the company needed to change one of the most popular products on sale – the ARB Summit Front Bumper.

The Speedcrush relocates and integrates the OEM features into the company’s Summit Bumper and also takes partial inspiration for the name via none other than Lightning McQueen. On the other hand, the rest is simple to explain, as the company mentions it has “some of the best products on the market, (so) we knew this rig would crush the trails.” 

Speaking of enhancements, the build includes things such as the ARB Under Vehicle Protection, ARB Air Locker’s Front & Rear, a differential breather, or a reworked suspension with Old Man Emu parts. There are also aftermarket tires and wheels, the Base Rack (complete with accessories), as well as lighting and recovery elements. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or possible availability as a complete build kit.