Around the tracks: One of the slimmest cars you’ll ever see


Plus, why don’t brands sell boaterhomes? Check out a cool creation that can go on water and road.


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You’ll never have a problem getting into tight spots again with this electric city car


I’m sure we’ve all had times when we wished our cars were that little bit slimmer, whether it’s for tight car spots or manoeuvring in and out of traffic – here is the answer. City Transformer has come up with a small car that has the ability to change its width between 1.0 and 1.4 metres for maximum agility in the city, thanks to its active width adjustment technology.

The reason behind this creation was the growing issue of traffic congestion and limited parking in city centres. This urged the company to come up with the City Transformer, which combines the impression of a motorcycle with the safety of a car.

The vehicle measures in at 2500mm in length, 1000-1400mm in width, and 1580mm in height, with a wheelbase of 1800mm. When in City Mode, this vehicle is so narrow that four of them can fit in a single parking space – that’s perpendicular, not parallel to the kerb. Pricing isn’t cheap though, as it will cost you around $AU20,000 for this city slicker.

There’s no reason why you can’t have a boat and a camper as one. Enter the Boaterhome.

If you have two great loves in life there’s no reason why you can’t combine them into one masterpiece, right? This guy did it and while it looks a little odd, it’s pretty cool. It’s a half-boat, half-van hybrid – basically a floating campervan with a few bells and whistles.

As explained in the video above, only 21 of these exist and are based on a Ford Econoline van. Inside, 75 per cent of the cabin has been kept original, and it has everything you would expect from a typical motorhome including a kitchen, dining table, pull-out bed, bathroom and ‘hangout’ area.

The best part about the combo is that it’s a much easier process getting the boat into the water – you certainly won’t be getting wet disconnecting the trailer on the boat ramp.

We don’t get any indication of a price in the video but it’s been in the current’s owner family for decades – so as far as hand-me-downs go, this isn’t a bad one!

These carpenters were so fond of the Ferrari 250 GTO that they decided to carve one from wood.


It’s a much sought-after car – and an expensive one too, with a price tag of $AU64 million – so you can understand why a Ferrari 250 GTO is out of reach to a lot of people. So these Vietnamese YouTubers came up with their own plan – to carve their own GTO from scratch.

Building it out of timber, they started by welding a basic steel tubular chassis that included independent suspension, disc brakes and a small electric motor, with large sections of wooden blocks then bolted on to the frame. They then began to refine the shape to give the small ride-on toy car an impression of the Ferrari 250 GTO’s sensuous curves.

Remarkably, it can actually be driven thanks to its electric motor, working headlamps, indicators, real seats, steering wheel and a dashboard, the lattermost naturally made from wood. The gutsy wooden Ferrari project took its creators more than 70 days to complete.

Ford’s new ‘concept car’ urges drivers to relax and take a power nap

A quiet car should be a peaceful oasis and Ford has come up with a concept car to enable this for its buyers. T

The Mindfulness concept is based on the Escape mid-size SUV (sold in Europe as the Kuga) and it all begins before you even enter. A Purge function can be activated via the key fob or a smartphone app to provide a “burst of clean and fresh cabin air via the climate control” system, allowing you to step into a “hygienic and harmonious space.”

What’s more, an air filter helps to clear most allergens, bacteria and dust, while UV-C lights help to stop germs and viruses in their tracks. There’s also sustainable interior trim with “natural colours and mindful design cues.” On top of this there’s an immersive B&O audio system with speakers integrated into the headrests, which pump out tailored playlists based on situations and locations. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, the system recognises this and plays calming music.

The concept also has the ability to check your wellbeing via a wearable device that watches your heart rate as well as other physiological measures. Ford showcased the car at the 2021 Munich motor show earlier this week.

This is what a Subaru Forester ute would look like… and we like it!


If you ever wondered what a Subaru Forester would look like as a ute? Well here’s your answer. This tan conversion looks like no other, and we are fans. The creator has cut a large hole into the back of their Subaru, whereby turning the cargo area into the ute tray. It has an open-air cabin and comes complete with a trailer constructed from the rear end of another Forester.

Originally a 2001 Forester with an automatic gearbox, the vehicle’s radio, and air conditioning are all listed as working.  It also features a Yakima roof basket a 42-inch (1067mm) light bar, POD Light fog lights, a 2.5-inch (64mm) suspension lift kit, a muffler delete and Borla engine headers for better sound, along with various off-road upgrades. The seller has listed it for sale at just over $AU6500.

Subaru toyed with the idea of a passenger car-based ute in the mid-2000s, with the Baja dual-cab based on the then-new Outback wagon – but poor sales saw it withdraw the model from the US market just three years after it went on sale, with no sign of a return in the 2020s.

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