Aston Martin DBX Facelift Spied for the First Time


Aston Martin engineers are testing various DBX prototypes at the Nürburgring lately, but the latest one comes with a twist. Unlike the ones spotted in late August, we have an example with an improvised front bumper and other modifications. Yes, it is the facelift of the Aston Martin DBX.

As you can observe in the photo gallery, Aston Martin is set to modify the front bumper, daytime running lights, and even the front grill of the DBX. The rear of Aston’s first SUV will also get its set of modifications, but those are not present on the example that was spied by our photographers at the ‘Ring.

Aston Martin seems to be developing several versions of the DBX that might reach the market when the facelift arrives. One of these is a hybrid model, while some believe that the DBX could even get a V12 engine under its hood. While the latter is still in the rumor category, it would be an interesting challenger for the Lamborghini Urus.

If we consider the excellent balance currently offered by the DBX, especially when you consider the suspension and steering, fitting a V12 instead of the V8 will change things for the British luxury SUV. Regardless, we will have to wait and see, as Aston Martin is not going to place badges on its prototypes, so it will take a while until we see the production version of the DBX facelift.

The hybrid version of the DBX is rumored to come with a V6 engine, but that information is also unconfirmed. Since the prototypes that were previously spotted on the Nürburgring did not have any distinctive flaps on their bodies, it is believed that the upcoming hybrid DBX will not come in a plug-in configuration.

Regardless of the final configuration of the hybrid model, Aston Martin could showcase the facelifted DBX in 2022, but some sources claim that the car will be revealed by the end of this year. Aston Martin’s DBX is surpassed by Lamborghini’s Urus when power and torque are concerned, and this can be seen in a head-to-head battle.