Atelier Manhart unveils its version of the powerful BMW M2 Competition coupe


The renowned tuner has unveiled its own version of the Bavarian sports coupe BMW M2 Competition. Among other things, the car boasts a capacity of 518 horsepower.

Since its debut in 2016, the BMW M2 has become very popular with speed enthusiasts. Those who disliked the bulkier M3 and M4 were now able to opt for a more compact car that matched the performance of its larger siblings. This is certainly impressive, although Manhart’s minds weren’t satisfied with the car’s performance. To remedy this, the tuner presents the Manhart MH2 500 Limited, its coupe version based on the M2 Competition.

Manhart is bringing the 3.0-liter inline-six S55 twin-turbocharged six-cylinder to 518 horsepower (700 Nm).

That’s slightly more than the standard M2’s 410bhp. power and 550 Nm of torque. It’s also more powerful than the M4 Competition, which produces 503bhp. (650 Nm). Manhart achieves this with the MHtronik control unit. The extra power comes with a more efficient exhaust system with 100mm pipes and a Manhart rear muffler.

Manhart is also tweaking the chassis with an H&R lowering kit, which also improves the car’s handling. The hotter M2 also received an exterior upgrade with several carbon fiber elements: a front spoiler, a new rear diffuser and a trunk spoiler. Manhart says these elements make the car look like the flagship M2 CS. Mounted on 20 ” Manhart Concave One alloy wheels in Gunmetal Gray.

Inside, Manhart adds several of its own badges along with an AK Motion display that provides important engine information. The screen is located in the center air vent on the driver’s side, which gives it a nice integrated look on the dashboard. Manhart plans to release just 10 copies of the super-hot M2.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the gloomy BMW X7 Dirt Edition from the Manhart studio was presented. The renowned Manhart atelier has presented a “package” of upgrades for the luxury crossover BMW X7. Among other things, the car received a raised suspension, as well as off-road tires. According to the assurance of the tuners, the car is now more or less ready for off-road.