Atelier Roush is working on his version of the Ford Bronco SUV


Photos of a prototype Ford Bronco SUV have appeared on the forums. The car had red lines on the body, which are typical for cars by the Roush tuning studio.

Images of the Roush-branded Ford Bronco appear online, first appearing on the Reddit and Bronco 6G forums, and then being discovered by the online service Auto Evolution. Two photos show a black Bronco Big Bend with a red Roush stripe on the sides and a gray decal above the windshield on the leading edge of the roof. These decals are the only visible hints that this is a special version of the Roush SUV.

It may seem strange for Roush to wade into the off-road arena right now, but late last year the tuner filed a patent for “Roush Overland” to use this invention in “recreational vehicles and accessories like camping trailers, towed trailers, travel” …

The company did not divulge its plans at the time, although the Roush-branded Bronco doesn’t seem incredible considering how popular crossovers and SUVs are right now.

However, while the idea of ​​such a vehicle is tempting, chances are the photos were photoshopped, which some on the Bronco6G claim to be. Poor image quality in photographs introduces a lot of artifacts into the image that make some aspects of the image a little questionable, such as the shadow from the side mirror and reflections on the rear panel. The photos were originally posted on Reddit without any additional information. We know that Ford is already developing a more powerful version of the Bronco.

Roush made a name for himself by redesigning the Ford Mustang while venturing into similar tuning projects based on other Ford models such as the F-150 and Focus.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Roush studio presented a modernized Ford F-150 5.11 Tactical Edition pickup. Under the hood of the Roush-tuned American pickup is a 650-horsepower V8 engine. Roush plans to build 150 examples of the Ford F-150 in 2020.