Audi brings e-tron GT to the US market


According to, the German company has launched the Audi e – tron ​​GT electric sports car on the US market.

Electric Porsche Taycan counterpart offered for $ 99,900

It is not excluded that the newest car will be able to squeeze the already elderly representative of the Audi sports line – R8 on the local market. The dynamics of the e – tron ​​GT are comparable to those of a gasoline sports car.

The car is built on the Porsche J1 platform that underpins the Taycan. It goes without saying that the exteriors of the cars differ according to the positioning of the two German brands. That is, if the Taycan is a pure electric sports car, then Audi has got something in between. Ingolstadt specialists have managed to find a balance between luxury and sportiness, thus the car should be equally attractive for status buyers and for those who want to get a sporty driving experience.

The basic version has an electric drive with a power of 476 hp, which can be converted to 530 hp in a matter of seconds. Such a car picks up “one hundred” in 4.1 seconds and accelerates to a maximum of 245 kilometers per hour. They ask for more than 99 thousand dollars for it.

The RS version already develops 598 hp. in continuous operation and up to 646 hp. at the start. It accelerates to hundreds in 3.3 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited at around 250 km / h. In this option, dealers will demand $ 139,900.

In the American market, the new product will be offered with only one 93 kWh battery. The power reserve, depending on the vehicle configuration, varies from 373 to 383 kilometers according to the EPA method.

Earlier we wrote that Audi E-Tron GT buyers receive 3 years of free fast charging.