Audi Concept Shanghai prototypes for China are hunted in Germany


Audi is developing a new electric SUV. The camouflaged model will be a derivative of the Audi Concept Shanghai. It is being prepared specifically for the Chinese market, where it will debut in 2022. The commercial name is unknown.

At the last Shanghai Auto Show, the brand unveiled a concept preview of a new all-electric SUV specifically designed for the Chinese market. The model resembles the Audi Q7, which some people mistake to replace the current Audi e-tron quattro.

The first spy photos were taken in Germany. The prototype is wrapped in vinyl, but the shape of the silhouette is clearly visible, matching the concept.

The spy photos show only the design of the vertical gills, which also matches the concept. At the rear, the camouflage also reveals a portion of the rear very thin lights that extend between the extreme points at a very high position.

The Audi Concept Shanghai also has wheels with a sporty design with optimized aerodynamics to avoid turbulence and thus increase efficiency.

Thanks to the large interior space for five passengers and the large boot volume, the German firm did not provide any details on its technical concept. The concern points to the development of an adapted MLB Evo platform, like the Audi e-tron quattro for the European market.

The model will be unveiled at the end of the year and will go on sale at SAIC in 2022 with a lithium-ion battery between the axles with a capacity of 83.4 kWh, which means a maximum range of 560 kilometers.