Audi introduced the electric crossover Audi Q6 e-tron


The Shanghai showroom was the stage on which Audi showcased, among other things, the A6 e-tron concept, a prototype electric Sportback that will be housed on a new modular PPE platform. However, there is more E-tron news: Audi has also brought an unnamed camouflaged electric SUV to China.

The Audi A6 e-tron concept car, which is currently gaining widespread attention during the 19th Shanghai Motor Show, serves as a demo of the new electric model that Audi will eventually unveil alongside the A6. The A6 e-tron concept also introduced a new PPE platform.

Premium Platform Electric (PPE) is the name of a new modular platform that should be seen as a more advanced version of the MEB platform for SUVs. The A6 e-tron is not the first PPE vehicle Audi has developed in collaboration with Porsche. That honor goes to the previously announced Q6 e-tron crossover, which will launch late next year. And, apparently, Audi is demonstrating this particular car, albeit in camouflage so far.

At the stand of the Ingolstadt-based company, the new Audi SUV covered with e-tron stickers is on display. It could hardly be any different than that this particular preview of the Q6 e-tron, a new electric SUV on the already mentioned PPE platform. The technical specifications of the A6 e-tron concept undoubtedly apply to some extent to the Q6 e-tron as well. Thanks to the new platform technology, the Q6 e-tron will soon be able to operate with 800V charging structures, which will provide up to 270 kW of charging power, just like the future A6.

The A6 e-tron concept has two electric motors that together develop 476 hp. and 800 Nm of torque. Its 100 kWh battery provides a range of up to 700 kilometers. A similar powerplant is expected to appear in the crossover. The Audi Q6 e-tron will be unveiled late next year and is likely to hit the market in early 2023.