Audi presented the concept of Audi Grand Sphere


To say that Audi’s lineup will undergo major changes in the coming years would be a huge understatement. After all, in just five short years, Ingolstadt will unveil the latest car with an internal combustion engine, and 2033 is the deadline for cars with traditional internal combustion engines (excluding China). This can only mean that there are many electric vehicles in development, and what they look like the company decided to show with the help of a concept.

To get a glimpse of future automotive design in the era of electric vehicles, Audi has released teasers of the impressive Grand Sphere concept. It can best be described as the A7 Sportback of the future, with no petrol or diesel engines. This is why the bonnet is relatively short for such a large vehicle as there is no need for a bulky internal combustion engine. This made it possible to minimize overhangs.

As with other dedicated electric vehicles, the wheelbase has been extended over the vehicle’s overall length, providing more space in the cab. Despite the steering wheel, the Grand Sphere is a fully autonomous electric vehicle with Level 4 self-driving systems. It is just one step away from complete driving automation that eliminates the need for human driver intervention.

The cockpit was conceived as a living room on wheels with a small steering wheel with a flat design and a two-spoke layout reminiscent of modern Peugeot models. While today’s Audi uses a large-screen dashboard, the Grand Sphere takes a minimalist approach to create a cozy ambience for a relaxing ride.

The debut of the Grand Sphere in September at the IAA in Munich will be preceded by the Sky Sphere, which is due to arrive at Pebble Beach in August in the form of an elegant coupe. In 2022, Audi will unveil the Urban Sphere as a more compact concept car that heralds the future of urban mobility.