Audi Sport Will Participate in Dakar Rally and WEC but not Formula E


An Audi Motorsports Shakeup
Audi Sport announced it would change things up a bit in the future and enter the Dakar Rally in 2022 and return to World Endurance Championship circuit racing in the future. It has also noted that it will be closing Audi’s Formula E campaign.

In terms of Dakar, Audi Sport is currently building a Rally Raid-style car rather than a WRC-style production car-based vehicle. This will be a vehicle designed for Dakar’s tough conditions. The car will be a fully electric powertrain, according to EVO. There will be a small turbocharged gasoline engine that’s designed specifically to charge the batteries and enable the car to cover the long distances it will need to.

Audi will also return to endurance racing with a new WEC car in the LMDh prototype category. So, in the future, you’ll see an Audi back at Le Mans and Daytona. However, Audi has not specified much about this return to endurance racing.

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