Audi’s E-Tron is the EV Answer to Porsche’s Taycan


Audi released the E-Tron GT concept about three years ago. It was marketed as Audi’s all-electric touring flagship and today the long-awaited grand tourer hits the production stage. 

At first glance, you notice it looks virtually identical to the concept design from years ago. This is every petrolhead’s hope when they lay eyes on a new concept for the first time. There’s nothing more exciting than envisioning a concept or prototype on the streets in its ultra-cool concept form, Audi has done just that with the E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT. 

Photo by: Audi

The E-Tron GT produces 469 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque with its dual motors, though when launch control is activated horsepower jumps to 522 HP for a short 2.5-second period. The RS model achieves a massive increase in horsepower to 590 and 612 lb-ft of torque. With the launch control switched on, the RS leaps to 636 HP. The E-Tron’s are powered by an 85 kWh battery with a predicted range of 298 miles of range on a full charge based on WLTP estimates.

While the shares a lot with the Porsche Taycan, like its 270 kW DC fast charging, Audi has developed something that assists in faster charge times. Thermal constraints can wreak havoc when attempting to charge a battery quickly. Audi has developed a preconditioning feature that works alongside the navigation system to ensure optimal battery temperatures for you when arriving at a fast-charging terminal. Both E-Tron GT models have all-wheel drive and also include the Porsche Taycan’s high-tech 2-speed automatic transmission.

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