Austria’s First Solhub Can Make Enough Green Hydrogen Per Day to Fill 16 Cars


Austria-based photovoltaic manufacturer Fronius is installing its first Solhub in Austria, a solar to hydrogen station that produces, stores, and uses green hydrogen, with the help of solar panels. The hub can make over 220 pounds (100 kg) of green hydrogen per day.

The customer of the Solhub is SAN Group and the hub will be part of its new hydrogen facility in Herzogenburg, Lower Austria. The Solhub will be able to generate green hydrogen directly on site using solar energy and water. It will make use of the sun 24 hours a day and thanks to the reconversion of the excess hydrogen, being able to supply the entire SAN Group industrial park.

To be able to produce the hydrogen, the Solhub needs a whooping 1.5 megawatts of photovoltaic panels, meaning approximately 5,000 panels and a surface of around 100,000 square feet (9,000 square meters). As a comparison, an average home roof needs between 3 to 6 kilowatts.

The Fronius Solhub will be able to produce enough green hydrogen to fill 16 passenger cars. Another way to put it is that it will generate enough hydrogen for a 932-mile (1,500 km) drive in a bus or truck. That means around 220 pounds (100 kg) of green hydrogen a day.

The energy will be more than sufficient to power SAN Group’s entire fleet. Moreover, it will also be enough for other partners in the area.

The ceremony of the Solhub took place last month and the station will be commissioned next spring. The idea of a 100 percent renewable energy station comes as a sustainable alternative to the use of fossil fuels for mobility. As explained by Fronius, the seasonal storage and utilization of waste heat increase the system’s total efficiency standard, making the Solhub a smart energy solution that can also ensure autonomy through emergency power supply.