Battle Approved Motors’ R101 UTV Is the Baby Ferrari and Tesla Made in the Dirt


It’s OK if neither BAM nor R101 rings a bell: it’s because neither has been around for that much time. In fact, BAM is a startup that emerged just a few months ago, and it’s proposing a new take on the market of UTVs. The R101, along variations S102 and E103, are good for work and good for fun, but they’re also fully electric and “luxurious.” BAM doesn’t go into the details of either.

“Zero emissions, no regrets,” reads the motto on the BAM webpage. On crowdfunding page Start Engine, BAM describes the R101 as “about luxury, ownership, experience and performance,” “powerful, strong, stylish and tailor[ed] to all.” That enough seems to have been enough to convince many investors, as the company has been able to raise over $830,000 during the campaign.

There is no timeline for the R101, just as there are no specs, except for the mention that it will be electric, it have a chromoly chassis with long-travel suspension and a lift kit. BAM says that, unlike ATVs, the R101 will allow for side-by-side riding, thus with a potential as a family fun vehicle. Street legal (except for state and highways) in 31 states, the R101 can be driven by anyone over 16, which further widens its appeal. Manufacturing will take place at two facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona.

BAM also promises that this is “one of the first UTVs to keep up with the big dogs!,” and by that it means “trucks.” The R101 can race and jump, but it’s also powerful enough to be used for legit work – though how that would fit in the whole “luxury” product image is unclear.

No price range is offered, either. In short, there’s not much information on this apparently-promising future UTV except that it’s coming, that it’s perfect, and electric. And the renders in the gallery attached. If only for those, this is one project to keep your eyes peeled for.