Bentley Registers Yet Another Record Year, There Is Still Room To Grow


Bentley has just announced its sales results for 2021, and the marque from Crewe had its best-ever year. In case you have an excellent memory, you already know that 2020 was the company’s best year when sales were concerned, so this means that Bentley just hit another record-selling number. We are writing about a 31 percent growth year-on-year, which is an incredible result for a luxury manufacturer. Bentley explained that the significant achievement was driven by new model introductions, as well as increased demand and its fresh product portfolio. Bentley delivered 14,659 units in 2021. The British marque has obtained double-digit growth in all markets it operates, and this involves record sales in the Americas, which are its biggest market, as well as in China and the Asia Pacific region. For the first time ever, China almost matched the Americas, and the two markets combined accounted for 56 percent of Bentley sales worldwide. Europe managed to bring in more than half of the volumes registered in China, while the UK itself had almost as much as the entire Asia Pacific region. The Middle East managed to acquire almost 1,000 Bentley units last year. Another interesting aspect of Bentley sales was the rise in demand for hybrid models. In the case of the Bentayga, one in five customers got the Bentayga Hybrid. The best year of Bentley sales so far was also motivated by the first full year of sales of the Flying Spur, as well as the introduction of the Continental GT Speed. There were also 11 new derivatives launched, so customers had from were to choose from. The Flying Spur’s Hybrid version is expected to mimic the Bentayga Hybrid’s sales success. Bentley’s first SUV represented 40 percent of the company’s sales in 2021, followed by the Continental GT, which brought 33 percent of total sales. Six in ten Continental GT customers picked the coupé, while the rest went for the drop-top variant. Meanwhile, the Flying Spur represented 27 percent of Bentley’s sales in 2021, but that percentage is expected to increase as the model’s hybrid version gets to have a full year of sales. The marque from Crewe ended the year with 240 retailers in 67 countries, and it had reported an increase in sales in all regions where it can be found.