Birthplace of the Mercedes-Benz SL – the racetrack


‘300 SL’ was the designation of the competition car from Mercedes-Benz with which the brand returned to international motorsports in 1952 for the first time after the Second World War. Although this car was not sold to the public, it did light the fuse for the development of the later SL-Class.

The development of the 300 SL began in 1950, when Mercedes-Benz began to think about a return to racing. The attempt to reactivate the 1939 W 154 Grand Prix racing car, however, met with failure in Argentina in 1951. So the engineers pressed forward the development of the new racing car, some of the components of which came from the 300 model.

1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLThe 1952 300 SL with the current generation of the SL Roadster which was launched in 2012. Production has ceased and there will be about a year’s gap before the new generation appears in showrooms

SL means ‘Super Light’
In June 1951,

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