Blown 1971 Buick Riviera “The Wild Boar” Is Like Big Tire Madness Lurking Around


Debuted as GM’s initial entry into the sprawling personal luxury car market segment, the Buick Riviera was a major high-profile introduction at the time. And it lived a long, fruitful life throughout eight generations.

Some were better, some were (arguably) worse. But a highlight of the series was its 1971 to 1973 third iteration that came with a major overhaul of the styling. It kept iconic Buick elements such as the signature “Sweepspear” element but also decided to borrow quirky ideas from other models – such as the Corvette Sting Ray-inspired rear window.

Interestingly, there was just one engine option to speak about. Buick’s 455ci V8 mill was responsible for sending 315 horsepower to the rear wheels (the Riviera only turned FWD with the sixth generation, in 1979). Or it could alternatively make a bit more for the Gran Sport (GS models had 330 hp).

So, it’s only logical to assume that it did not have a blower alternative, considering the limited powertrain choice. No worries, because it didn’t have one from the factory in real life. The imagination land is something else, although. And we are happy to report that at least one 1971 Buick Riviera got blown (engine-wise, of course). And treated to a cool livery, huge rear tires, a parachute, and some modern LED lights.

One would imagine this has the makings of a great drag strip-inspired restomod. But the simple truth is that “The Wild Boar,” as it was named by its creator, might forever remain just wishful thinking. Unfortunately, there are no indications that Javier Oquendo, who is behind the jota_automotive account on social media has virtually created this for an upcoming real-world build. And that’s a shame, frankly.

With the limited quantity of available information (there are more details revealed by the hashtags than its description) one would imagine this was just a quick CGI project. But it turns out that’s not the case, as the artist behind the livery of the Riviera (Igor Volodkin, aka skinhunters_official) has also imagined it as part of a virtual NHRA 21 video game…

And so, it all ties into the (probable) focus of this build: a potential seven-second big tire, blown hoot for those feisty virtual quarter-mile sessions…