Blue-on-Blue 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Is an Uncut Diamond Begging for Restoration


Chevrolet Camaro made its debut for model year 1967 in four different versions, starting with the base model that obviously accounted for the biggest part of the production.

Over 121,000 Camaros produced for MY 1967 came in the base configuration, while nearly 65,000 customers ordered the RS package that brought a sportier attitude to the car.

The SS package, on the other hand, ended up being installed on close to 35,000 Camaros, while the Z28 was obviously the rarest of them all, as only some 500 cars ended up in such a configuration.

But on the other hand, even a base Camaro could be a rare sight depending on the color combination it featured. This is the case of the convertible that we have here and which comes with a blue exterior and a blue interior, a mix which eBay seller auburn32323_9 claims is incredibly rare, as only some 750 Camaros produced for model year 1967 boast such a combination.

As you can easily tell by just browsing the photos in the gallery, the Camaro doesn’t necessarily come in the best shape, but on the other hand, it seems to check most of the boxes as far as a full restoration candidate is concerned.

The engine under the hood is said to run properly, though very little information has been provided about it, other than it’s a V8. We also don’t know if it’s the original unit or not, but given the car doesn’t seem to come with any modifications, there’s a chance it’s the same unit installed by Chevrolet back in 1967 when it built the car.

Clearly, this Camaro needs additional TLC to end up looking like it should, but with the proper restoration, it could become quite a head turner. This is what many others seem to think as well, as the online auction has already attracted several bids, with the top offer currently exceeding $17,000.