Bluegame’s Newest Flagship Unveiled: BG72 Gives up Secrets for Over $4 Million


If you’ve never heard of Bluegame, not to worry, you aren’t alone. This team was acquired back in 2018 by Sanlorenzo, one of Italy’s top ranked yachting teams with over $4.5 billion in declared revenue since their start back in 1958.

Unlike other vessels you may be used to seeing on our site, the Bluegame yachts aren’t some gigantic ships meant to accommodate tens of guests, but rather a compact, sleek, and luxuriously decorated boat meant to offer the best experience money can buy to a select few.

Even Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman at Sanlorenzo, says this about this boating line, “I loved the Bluegame boats right from the first moment. They perfectly express the sophisticated understandment of Sanlorenzo yachts in a smaller dimension and share the same values. Deciding on their entry into the group was simply a natural choice.”

As for the vessel that was recently unveiled at the festival, it’s known as the BG72, a 74.5-foot (22.7-meter) flybridge yacht with an interior meant to express peak Italian luxury and lifestyle. Speaking of design, for the BG72 Luca Santella, Zuccon International Project, and Louis T. Codega are the three groups and designers that worked on putting together a ready-to-be-built and expressive concept.

The exterior of the yacht features a solid and futuristic look that brings a tight and sleek feel to the ship’s lines. The front shows a wide bow that continues with the same open feel all the way aft, where a tantalizing beach deck is roomy enough for a couple of lounges, a small party, or a tender. By the looks of it, there’s also room for a jet ski.

The upper deck of the ship features the fly deck where owners and captains can take hold of the wheel, but above this deck, on the hardtop, it also looks like the designers added another lounging pad that can be accessed via a staircase. Wonderful application of a commonly unused space. The fly bridge also extends to the rear of the ship and includes an al-fresco dining area, and another massive lounging bed.

Spread out over three decks, and not looking like it’s able to accommodate too many guests, it may come as a surprise to know that 16 sleeping berths are available. Sure, four bunk beds will be used by none other than a captain and other crew members, but 12 lucky guests will still enjoy the luxuries in store.

The deck below the fly bridge, and the one featuring that clean and elegant lobby you see in the gallery, includes what seems to be the VIP and owner’s quarters. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a bunk-bed room with bath are all available on this deck. Wardrobes, interior kitchen with residential-sized appliances are also found.

The final deck features a layout like the one above, another owner’s cabin is spotted here too, this time at the rear with easy access to the beach deck above. Two other rooms accommodate another four guests and a kitchen is available as well. Did I mention that each of these decks feature dining and lounging areas?

No words on the fabrics, lighting, or materials used in construction are given on the manufacturer’s website, but the use of wood, marble, and carpeting of all kinds is clearly visible. Fiberglass also seems to be thrown into the mix.

Now, the BG72 isn’t just a boat meant for chilling on local coastlines, it can carry its own weight out on the open waters too. Overall, this sucker can hit speeds of 30 knots (34.5 mph) depending on the load onboard. This is achieved by the presence of two Volvo Penta IPS 1200 or IPS 1350 with 900 hp and 1,000 hp respectively.

So how much is something like this going to cost you? Well, it all depends on who your middleman is, but expect to pay prices starting at €3,500,000 ($4,144,525 at current exchange rates). Hope you’ve been saving up while we’ve all been sitting around in our homes.