BMW 2 Series Shooting Brake Rendering Brings Back the Weird Bread Van Recipe


BMW had no idea what an impact the introduction of the Coupe version of its Z3 model would have, and that’s despite the fact it had an obviously odd shape compared to anything that was on the market at the time, or at any other time throughout history.

Anything but a bread van, apparently, which was the nickname the model got quickly after its debut. Others were even meaner to the little Bimmer calling it “clown shoe”, but we prefer the alias that stays between the confines of the automotive universe, even if it fringes on the pastry one as well.

The Z3 Coupe wasn’t the first car not used for transporting bread to get this name. It actually had a very illustrious predecessor from the early 1960s, thought the lack of windows made that particular model seem more worthy of the nickname. We’re talking about the Ferrari 250 GT SWB one-off built to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans that featured a flat, slightly sloped roof, and a sawn-off rear end – a look very fitting with the name of one of its creators, Giotto Bizzarrini.

BMW never left the impression it was considering a return for the bread van despite half the public loving it, and that might just have something to do with the other half hating it. To be fair, considering the reception BMW’s current designs have had, this probably wouldn’t be the best moment to bring back one of the most divisive models in its history. Then again, the Bavarians seem hell-bent on shocking us with pretty much every new car they release, so don’t file this under “impossible” just yet.

SRK Designs is showing us just how easily the newly released 2 Series could be the host for the transformation. The small coupe has been one of the best-received models from BMW lately, though that might have less to do with its design and more with the fact that it kept the RWD architecture everybody was praising it for (a rarity in its segment).

Applying the shooting brake treatment would basically make the new 2 Series the perfect substitute for the 1 Series that has now regrettably gone down the FWD route. It would make it by far the coolest car in the compact segment, and with the superb handling characteristics of a rear-wheel-drive BMW, it would also have the performance to back it. The perfect combination of looks and personality. As for an M2 version, do we even need to go there?