BMW Individual now available to SUV buyers


Your BMW SUV will finally be able to get a unique paint color and exclusive rims.

After learning from companies like Porsche that those with the money love to stand out from the crowd, over the past couple of years it has gradually made personalization more accessible to more models, especially through the Individual program. Custom colors are already being offered for new models such as the M3 and M4, and now the X SUV and SUV range is finally gaining access to custom paint options, but with a small caveat: they are available for the new X3, X4 30i and M40i models, and also all M Sport variants X5, X6 and X7.

Previously, only the last three crossovers could be tuned, so the addition of the X3 and X4 is big news. For the cheapest X3 to have access to these options, the range of paint finishes available includes the metallic shades of Ruby Red, Malachite Green and the ever-popular Black Sapphire. Uni (glossy) options include Urban Green and Nardo Gray, while Frozen (matte) paint options include Marina Bay Blue and Deep Gray. A total of eight individual colors are available. X1, which should be updated soon, is not part of the program. It is clear that the more expensive the car, the more options you get: for example, in the case of the X5, X6 and X7, this is access to 48 colors.

The colors in the renderer are currently available for certain models. However, it is possible that more models will eventually get more colors, which means that a shade like Speed ​​Yellow may be available for the X7 in the future. The downside of choosing a custom paint is that it removes the automatic lane change feature, presumably because certain paints will reflect and scatter light differently, which could disrupt the system.

In another part of the configurator, you can also choose any of the new set of wheel rims, as well as specify the desired interior option in individual options. For example, on the X3, Merino leather in Fiona Red / Black looks spectacular. When it comes to pricing, it turned out that the X3 and X4 colors cost $ 4,500, but so far nothing has been said about the cost of the more attractive colors available on the top models.

Earlier we wrote that BMW registered trademarks M7 and M9.