BMW M Gets Its Old Boss Back, Paves Way for Electrification


BMW M will have a new chairman of the board starting November 1, 2021. That person will be Franciscus van Meel, who many refer to as Frank van Meel. After a four-year stint as responsible for the Rolls-Royce product line and BMW’s luxury and upper class, van Meel returns to BMW M.

Frank van Meel is succeeding Markus Flasch at the helm of BMW M, who will move to the Overall Vehicle Development division. Markus Flasch will be head of production lines for Rolls-Royce, BMW’s luxury and upper class, as well as the BMW midrange production line.

As it is a subsidiary that is run like a separate company from BMW, the BMW M business credits Markus Flasch for its results during his tenure, which has led to the marque’s supremacy when sales are concerned. Many years ago, before joining BMW M, Franciscus van Meel used to work for Audi’s quattro division.

Meanwhile, Frank van Meel returns to BMW M after bringing the BMW iX, the current technology flagship of the BMW range, to series-production readiness. The iX was not the only project that van Meel was responsible for within BMW, as the German company mentions the development of the “forthcoming purely electrically powered model variants.”

In other words, Frank van Meel was involved with getting several electric BMW models ready for production, and he is now coming back to the division that he used to run between 2015 and 2018. This time, under his watch, the BMW M division will mark its 50th anniversary, and the latter is expected to bring multiple new models to the market.

The first new model that will be launched by BMW M during Frank van Meel’s second term as boss of BMW M is the first-ever M3 Touring. The latter is described as having reached an advanced stage of its series development process. In plain English, the above means that the M3 Touring will be on the market next year.

With Frank van Meel’s experience in getting electrified BMWs to production-ready status, BMW M is set to begin its electrification process. While the company did not get into specifics, it is becoming evident that BMW M will launch an electric vehicle any day now.