BMW M4 Gets the Digital Widebody Treatment, Bucktooth Grille Finally Blends In


The oversized kidney grille of the new-gen BMW M4, as well as the one equipping the latest M3, has sparked a lot of criticism. Some tuning companies have tried addressing this matter by coming up with replacement parts, smaller in size, but perhaps the key lies somewhere else.

A more aggressive design appears to work better with the car’s huge nostrils. BradBuilds has highlighted this approach in a few unofficial renderings that portray the M4 Coupe in what could be the baddest reinterpretation of the model yet. And while such projects aren’t our usual cup of tea, we have to admit that it is quite appealing.

Looking pretty much like a racer for the road, it features a big adjustable apron up front and a tweaked hood. The extremely wide fenders are linked together by big side skirts, and at the back, it has a six-fin diffuser that incorporates the quad exhaust pipes.

A ducktail spoiler is part of the build, together with the roof fins, and a set of alloy wheels, with a polished lip, that appear to have been inspired by BBS. The whole car wears a green finish, while the addons, including the side mirror caps and roof, are presented in black.

There is little doubt that a BMW M4 Coupe owner is looking at these illustrations, rubbing their hands knowing that their ride will soon look just like this. And if there is a tuner that could fulfil their dream, then that is Liberty Walk, as with a few decals and slightly different fender flares, it would look like something out of their portfolio.

Let’s just hope Mansory sticks to modifying the 7 Series flagship sedan, and X5 and X6 crossovers when it comes to Bimmers, and decides to ignore the low-riding M family of vehicles altogether.