BMW M8 Competition Manhart MH8 800 Combines Performance Upgrade With Showy Exterior


The M8 Competition isn’t exactly the most elegant grand tourer available nowadays. But as it’s often the case with BMW customers, showing off is the name of the game, which brings us to the featured example. Repainted matte blue and supplemented with an off-center racing stripe on the passenger side of the hood and rear trunk lid, the Manhart MH8 800 in the photo gallery is chassis number five of a limited run of ten vehicles. MH8 stands for Manhart and 8 Series, while 800 merely approximates the force-fed V8 engine’s output. Based in Wuppertal, the German tuner has extracted 823 PS (812 horsepower) and 1,070 Nm (789 pound-feet) of torque with the help of upgrades for the turbochargers, intercooler, air intake, and exhaust system. Now made from stainless steel, the exhaust system culminates in 100-millimeter tailpipes beautified with carbon-fiber tips. Manhart has also deleted the gasoline particulate filter to improve the V8 engine’s burble, and the aural pleasure is further improved by race-spec downpipes without catalytic converters. In other words, the aftermarket exhaust isn’t legal due to Europe’s CO2 emissions and noise regulations. Spruced up with blue-painted Manhart Spider wheels that measure 10.5 by 21 inches up front and 11.5 by 21 inches out back, the MH8 800 wears 275/30 ZR21 and 295/30Z R21 rubber shoes from Pirelli. Lowered on KW adjustable springs, the go-faster M8 Competition brings the point home with a blacked-out grille, GTR hood louvers, a deep-chined spoiler made from carbon fiber, extended side skirts, and a carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The interior hasn’t been forgotten either. Retrimmed in Alcantara, the steering wheel integrates a carbon-fiber trim in blue and gloss finishes. In terms of pricing, well, let’s just say that it’s a lot of dough. If you insist, the upgraded powerplant, exhaust, and beefed-up automatic transmission will set you back €16,386.55, which means $18,505 at current rates.