BMW My Modes: You Can Now Change Your Car’s Mood Depending on Driver Mode


Automobiles going electric opens up a whole new experience in technology, and for the first time, James Bond’s BMW 750i in Tomorrow Never Dies doesn’t seem too far from reality. At the 2022 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), BMW seized the occasion with its massive display of technological ingenuity. While the iX Flow was the center of attention, the German automaker also dazzled patrons with the Dimensions of Real user experience room. Jordan Schiefer of Out Of Spec Studios checked out BMW’s latest variant of their user experience feature called My Modes. The 2022 CES in Las Vegas has revealed one thing – the future is nearer than we think. BMW showcased two variants of the My Modes feature; Expressive and Relax. The Dimensions of Real room is an exhibition station where BMW expresses driving modes and how they make drivers feel. The ‘Calm’ section has a one-dimensional aspect with tiny little dots floating around. This user experience has motion sensors that react to movement or presence. The following section has an intensity aspect depicting a ‘Sport Mode. It’s two-dimensional, with lines and planes with block graphics that are similarly reactive to movement.  Three-dimensions with beautiful displays is what you find in‘The World of Joy’ room. This section has gorgeous 3D displays and interacts with the user in the 3D space on the screen. The final section is the Surreal room. It removes all the sensors in a room filled with LED panels and mirrors. The idea here is to make the user overwhelmed with the senses. Based on Schiefer’s experience, there’s a sudden temperature shift. It feels warm. The sounds are cinematic and timeless. Schiefer and Kyle Conner describe the Surreal Room as the weirdest sensory experience they have ever had. All the user experience rooms and sections at the 2022 CES represent BMW driving modes. With that in mind, the new BMW iX comes with My Modes that are configurable through a beautiful display. A tiny button called ‘My Modes’ activates the user experiences demonstrated at BMW’s Dimensions of Real room. BMW has added two new modes, Expressive and Relax. The My Modes options will adapt and change, giving the driver a selected user experience while driving. Therefore, rather than just Eco, Comfort, Sport, or Sport+, My Modes feature can change the drive modes, throttle response, steering settings, noises pumped into the cabin, audio and displays.