BMW R nineT Nostalgia Has Hints of America, And It’s Awesome


It was in the 1930s that BMW Motorrad came out with a concept called R7, one that was to spawn two families of flat-twin motorcycles, the R12 and R17. It was an important model in the history of the bike maker, one that eventually took its place in the modern world after being restored in 2012.

Having come back into the spotlight, the R7 inspired a Miami-based garage called Nmoto to come with two incredible designs inspired by it. They’re called Nostalgia and have been around for a number of years, sadly largely unsung.

The core for the Nostalgia bikes is the R nineT, including the drivetrain (1,170cc engine, 110 hp), that has been kept largely unchanged. The bike though has been wrapped in incredibly fit, Art Deco-looking bodies with a touch of luxury.

The base Nostalgia features according to Nmoto 96 handcrafted pieces, most of them made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This results in lower overall weight compared to both the base R nineT, and the R7 – the Nostalgia tips the scale at 205 kg (452 lbs).

Then comes the Nostalgia Limited (main photo of this piece), a beefed-up version of the previous one that features gold on the rims and platinum on the side panels, fenders, and top cover.

What’s interesting about the limited edition (only ten of them will be made, with the first one having been completed last year) is that customers can choose their own design for the leather, gauges, timepiece, and engraving of the cylinder covers and other panels.

The one we have here has some hints of America on it. The cylinder covers come with an engraving of Mount Rushmore, while on one of the panels the words “We The People” stand out.

Given the customization options offered, it’s hard to determine how much one of these things would end up costing. For reference though, a base Nostalgia is said to kick off at around $40,000.