BMW Reveals the 2021 M3 and M4


Controversial Looks, Excellent Performance

The M3 and M4 have always embodied the best of the BMW “ultimate driving machine” ethos. Now there’s a new 2021 M3 and M4 that the company just revealed. While they may have impressive performance, they look like two big heaping piles of derivative dog crap. 

BMW will get a lot of heat for how these cars look. The twin-kidney grille is new and bigger than ever. It’s a large ugly thing that morphs the classic grille into two large gaping holes at the front of the car. The headlights lose that classic BMW look and instead look like something pulled from either a Ford Fusion or a Jaguar sedan. The vented hood on the cars reminds me of the one found on the Dodge Charger.

Around back things shape up a lot better. It at least looks like a BMW, though there’s nothing particularly special to write home about.

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