Bond Girl Is a Stealth Trimaran Concept That Lives Up to the Name, Oozes Sophistication


James Bond is known for many things, the most important being that, at the end of the day, he would give his life for Queen and country, and the world at large. That’s not stopping him from having fun along the way, thanks to an impressive array of gadgets, cars, superyachts and aircraft, as well as exquisite fashion, premium cocktails and the company of beautiful women.

Over close to six decades of the film franchise, James Bond has come to be associated with the finest taste in almost everything you could think of, notwithstanding his newly-found preference for beer, which some critics have deemed too… crude. In other words, to say that something is James Bond-worthy is to slap a label of exquisiteness and high quality on it.

M/Y Bond Girl (misspelled “BOnd” on purpose by the designers) definitely fits the bill. It’s the latest superyacht concept to make virtual waves, a trimaran designed for stealth for a Bond Girl, though it could just as well work for one of the villains in the franchise. It is the work of designers Hannah Hombergen (the interior) and George Lucian (the exterior), and it’s described as an homage to the female characters in the 007 franchise.

Bond Girl spans a total length of 76 meters (252 feet) and relies on a trimaran structure for more stability, enhanced comfort and space. Another advantage of the tri-hull is that it creates an “artificial safe harbor where a chase vessel can be comfortably docked,” because you know no Bond Girl or Bond villain is worthy of the name without a tender to match the mothership in performance and style.

With very sharp lines and a clean but aggressive design in gun-metal gray, Bond Girl evokes speed even though the designer duo fail to mention any type of specs. The only specification is that the trimaran could be made hybrid to increase its stealth factor and, presumably, to be in line with the Bond Girl owner’s environmental concerns.

The main hull is dedicated to the owner, with the highlight being the two-story master bedroom with a gigantic bed and a floating balcony. The bedroom and, in particular, the bed are a nod to James Bond’s prowess in terms of getting ladies to fall for him. If this is Bond Girl’s superyacht, she will need a proper place to welcome her lover. Five additional cabins offer sleeping for up to 10 guests – more than enough to get the party started.

Elsewhere, the interior is furnished luxuriously but in a somber styling – again, in keeping with the 007 aesthetic or classic glitzy Hollywood movies. You get rich woods and plenty of glossy surfaces, as well as soft fabrics and dimmed lights, for an interior that looks straight out of a 5-star resort of the most prestigious kind. Crew quarters and machinery would be located in the two outer hulls, so as to offer privacy and the lowest level possible of noise and vibration for the main hull.

“As always, I get inspiration from the military, stealth, aviation and space industries and, of course for this one, the villain in the movies with spies,” Lucian says of his latest project. “Whether you are the good guy or the villain, this superyacht will perfectly fit for your next mission.”

The only condition for the potential owner, whether they’re the good guy or the villain, is that they have some $116 million to spend on it: M/Y Bond Girl comes with an estimated price tag of €100 million. The designers say they’re ready to further develop the study if the right person comes along.

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