Brabus has seriously revised the flagship SUV Mercedes-AMG GLS 63


Brabus successfully creates incredible Mercedes-Benz modifications for the aftermarket. The new project of the German tuner is based on the Mercedes AMG GLS 63, which has received “devilish” updates.

As it turns out, reworking a large three-row SUV for the German tuning studio Brabus was not a problem. The flagship Mercedes AMG GLS 6 is quite large, but none of its areas have been wasted. The body of the car was decorated with carbon elements.

Moreover, such decor is not only an aesthetic function, it helps to improve handling and performance. Carbon fiber works especially well in combination with the redesigned air suspension. The ground clearance was 25 mm lower, and the SUV was shod with 24-inch wheels with high-performance tires.

Interior design from Brabus is characterized by a trend towards luxury and elegance, such as leather upholstery with a quilted pattern.

But the best part of the Brabus update is under the hood.

By increasing the performance of the PowerXtra B40S-800 and after many additional adjustments, the engine began to produce 789 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque transmitted to all four wheels. Moreover, up to a hundred such an SUV, despite its weight, will accelerate in just 3.8 seconds.

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