Brand-new Jeep Wagoneer clips bridge – and loses


The big Jeep was on a transport truck when it proved too tall for the overpass and became wedged underneath.

James Ward

This is a very expensive way to work out that the height of a 2023 Jeep Wagoneer on a car transporter is just a little more than 14 feet, four inches (4.37m).

Spotted by a driver (@jakebley on Twitter) travelling on Interstate 94 in Detroit, USA, the Jeep had been forcibly dislodged from its transporter (which can been seen parked sheepishly down the highway) and wedged vertically under the concrete overpass.

Priced from $US69,460 ($AU100,000) in Series II rear-wheel-drive trim, the stricken Wagoneer looks to be finished in White Pearl paint with 22-inch polished wheels and a Sea Salt interior, pushing the price to $US72,135 ($AU106,000).

Available in regular and ‘Grand’ Wagoneer forms, the full-size Jeep is the largest vehicle in the brand’s history, with an even-longer Grand Wagoneer L (5758mm) set to arrive later this year.

It’s based on the Ram 1500 pick-up, and is offered with a 288kW/548Nm 5.7-litre V8 and the option or rear or four-wheel drive. The Wagoneer is built at the Stellantis automotive group’s assembly plant in Warren, Michigan, which is very close to where the accident happened.

In standard trim, the Wagoneer sits just over two metres tall (2024mm), which is a huge 20cm more than the already-big Australia-bound Grand Cherokee (1816mm).

Whether or not the truck driver was familiar with the nuances between the big Jeep and the new ‘bigger’ Jeep remains to be seen, but we’re assuming someone forgot to carry the one when preparing the cars for transport.

James Ward

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