Brandy Wins Christmas as She Treats 19-Year-Old Daughter to Range Rover Sport


For Christmas, singer Brandy decided to splash on a Range Rover for her daughter, Sy’rai Smith. The 19-year-old showed her new ride on social media, calling Brandy “best mom in the entire world.” With a net worth of approximately $12 million as of 2021, singer Brandy seems to stick to Land Rovers when it comes to her vehicles. Although she was involved in a serious accident in the mid-2000s while driving a Land Rover, she continued to buy the models of the brand. Now she purchased a Range Rover Sport for her 19-year-old daughter, Sy’rai Smith. She gifted the SUV over Christmas, and Smith took it to her social media to share her excitement over her present, which even came with a red bow. She wrote: “I have the best mom in the entire world. I love you! Thank you!” with a boomerang video of her new ride. Brandy also filmed her daughter as she stood next to the SUV wearing Christmas-themed pajamas and a red Santa hat, and gave us a glimpse of the black-painted SUV. Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Sport in 2005 and released a second generation in 2013 and a facelift in 2017, when the model received a few upgrades on the exterior, interior, and drivetrain. The Range Rover Sport offers several engine options, but Brandy hasn’t specified which variant she chose for her daughter. In another video, Sy’rai Smith’s boyfriend shared a glimpse of the interior of the SUV as they hung out and listened to music, and Smith was still in her Christmas-themed outfit, as she used her phone. We get to see the black dashboard and enjoy the high-tech ambiance on board. And for a 19-year-old, this SUV seems to be just exactly what she needs, because it seems ready for adventures on and off the road.