British Morgan presented updated sports cars


The renowned UK sports car manufacturer has unveiled the updated Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six versions of the 2022 model year.

Morgan recently announced that despite the demise of the EV3 electric tricycle, it is still thinking about the global electrification of its lineup in the long term. For now, however, the British company will focus on its classic models that are powered by the good old internal combustion engine, and it has just unveiled an updated Plus Four and Plus Six lineup for the 2022 model year.

“The revamped duo introduces a new strategy to cyclically update core brand models, inspired by industry standards and based on feedback from customers and the press,” reads the official press release.

The updated versions of the models have received a new bonnet design, which, according to the company, improves usability, increases weather protection and adds sophistication. Morgan says he has significantly improved the weatherstrip around the door and side windows and removed the bonnet rail fasteners by redesigning the bonnet frame.

Both cars also have new, more comfortable seats with reinforced lateral and longitudinal bolsters. Morgan will offer its customers two seat options – a standard one with adjustable lumbar support and a more comfortable one with a different base and additional pneumatic adjustment of the sides and hips (bolsters).

Another major update for the 2022 model year is an additional lockable storage compartment, available as an option for both vehicles. It attaches to the rear of the cargo area and provides additional storage without affecting existing cargo space. The interior, meanwhile, comes equipped with two USB ports as standard, as well as additional interior lighting in the form of a pair of LED lights.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the British brand Morgan has released a farewell series of the legendary 3 Wheeler. The new limited edition Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 will be a swan song for this model. The last copies of the tricycle will roll off the assembly line in 2021.