British startup unveils innovative urban electric car


The British company Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited, which manufactures various urban vehicles, has just shown the concept of a multi-purpose electric vehicle with a modular design, which will be called LINCS (Lightweight Inner-City Solution).

The newly unveiled concept of a modular electric car of the future is based on an aluminum architecture that houses two electric powertrains. The motors use energy from a lithium-ion battery, which can be dismantled if desired. According to the assurances of company representatives, the maximum power reserve is 160 kilometers.

The specialists of the EAV company have developed a modular urban electric car taking into account the possibility of its use in different markets – the driver’s cab, if necessary, can move from the left to the right.

The car was also designed to use autonomous control systems. In addition, the creators of this transport have provided for the function of combining several instances of LINCS into one large road train.

“In the new realities of our world, environmental protection comes to the fore and that is why we can no longer use outdated automotive technologies. They are too severe in terms of damaging environmental damage. The LINCS concept is our next step towards the complete replacement of the urban vehicle fleet with new models. ”

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