BTS Dances With Robot Dog in New Video, Atlas Robot Also Shows Off Its Moves


Hyundai has recently announced that it has acquired Boston Dynamics, one of the largest robotics design companies based in Massachusetts. You might know their four-legged robot, Spot, which can walk, climb, jump and do much more. In a video released by the carmaker, you can also see it dance with the famous boy band BTS.

Titled “Welcome to the Family with BTS,” the clip starts with the Kids’ NEXO, an eco-friendly vehicle that offers children the driving experience of a real NEXO. The car guides Spot into a film shooting studio where the quadruped robot meets BTS. The group enjoys the company of the robot and, when it starts to show off its moves, the boys jump in a sort of a dance battle.

Then Atlas, Spot’s humanoid buddy, makes an appearance. They start dancing together to BTS’s song “IONIQ: I’m On It,” which was released last year to commemorate the launch of Hyundai’s dedicated EV brand.

Both robots successfully master the group’s choreography toward the end of the video when more quadruped robots are spotted joining the robotic duo, and it’s not random. Boston Dynamics has published its own follow-up video, which features seven robots mimicking the members’ choreography.

This time, each one has an arm attached to execute even more complex moves. The video shows how Boston Dynamic’s robots are programmed to conduct physical movements that can be adapted to anything, even dancing. The steps are so smooth and fluid that it almost makes you question if it’s CGI (it’s not).

Hyundai’s investment in robotics, which was strengthened by the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, is a key area of commercial development for the company. The goal is to develop a robotics chain that includes everything from robot component production to smart logistics solutions.

Last year, the company showed its interest in robotics when it unveiled VEX (Vest EXoskeleton), a wearable robot that assists production line workers, as well as a new Electric Vehicle Charging Manipulator.