“Buick Malibu Cross” Chevy SUV Coupe Sure Looks Like a Dirt-Poor BMW X6 Wannabe


Let us talk about timing for a second. Traditionally, automotive virtual artists are spot on with their imaginative reinterpretations of the hottest official introductions of the moment. That is not the case here, though. An entire world, or at least that part that sees everything through GM glasses, is musing about the all-electric 2024 Chevy Silverado, Equinox, and Blazer. Hey, even GM Design chipped in on the common word-of-mouth effort and showed us what the truck might have been if their artists had their way. Far away from the CES 2022 keynote presentation that brought them all on the virtual stage, in Brazil, a Chevy CGI disaster occurred. For some reason, Kleber Silva is not starting 2022 in a cool, enticing way. The virtual artist better known as kdesignag on social media does have a project to show us. But it’s so far-fetched and completely removed from what is going on around the world it might even be treated as ironic. After all, Chevy hasn’t done a wonderful job of giving fans the Blazer (K5) they all wanted to fight off the 2021 Ford Bronco menace. So, why would a hypothetical SUV Coupe be any better? Frankly, it’s much worse than anyone could have imagined a Chevy BMW X6 lookalike. First of all, it looks like something that’s produced in a dirt-poor factory. Then, it’s not even tasty, stylish, or even remotely sporty. And not to mention the massive hodgepodge of inspirational traits. According to the pixel master, this would be placed in between the Chevy Tracker (a China/Latin America replacement for the Trax) and the Equinox. And if this CGI expert had his way, it would use as a starting base the Buick Encore GX, mashed up with the blandest possible cues extracted from the Verano and even Chevy’s own Malibu sedan! What an incredible example of completely missing the BMW X6 mark! Or, as one of the fans commented: “I can’t wait for the introduction of the new Chevrolet Malibu Cross!” He was laughing in tears.