Buy a Home by the Silverstone Track for the Ultimate Motorsport Experience


Of course, the idea is not new. Track houses exist all over the world and they often change hands for large amounts of money, even though they’re not technically houses to live in as they’re condos for short stays during special events. In the UK, this one is a first, and the fact that it’s right next to the Silverstone Circuit makes it even more special.

Home to the British Grand Prix, Silverstone is the hub of all things motorsports in the UK. Whenever special events take place, accommodation is hard to come by, let alone something that’s up to par with the demands of the most exacting enthusiasts. This is how the idea for Escapade Living came about, described as the perfect, most luxurious way to combine a love of motorsports with hospitality.

Escapade Living is how the rich do track days or motorsports events. It’s a complex of 60 residences with two, three or four bedrooms, which includes a clubhouse, special storage and maintenance for vehicles, and access to events and specialized training. These residences are offered for sale and rentals at the same time, which is perhaps the most peculiar part of the arrangement.

Pricing for units ranges between $895,000 and $2.34 million, but owners are not advised to stay in them for longer than 30 days. The rest of the time, developers will rent out the properties, and the owners get a share of the revenue. Another chunk of the profit goes into maintenance, which includes storage of personal items when guests are on the premises. In other words, if you’re rich enough to afford a track house, you’re rich enough to use it only for a handful of days a year. The rest of the time, it will be occupied by strangers and it will make you richer.

Situated at a stone’s throw from the race track and offering unparalleled views of the circuit’s four most difficult corners, the complex is meant as a self-sufficient community. Owners have access to the clubhouse, which comes with a restaurant, pool and wellness area (with sauna, massage, you name it), and gym.

If you’re thinking of honing your racing skills, you can get driver-focused training at the gym, and separate training out on the track. Racing simulators are available on site, while the separate storage facility allows you to keep your most prized possessions safe and, most importantly, ready for the track at a moment’s notice. Everything from basic checkups to paint jobs and more consistent repairs can be undertaken here.

The units have garages, as well. Furnished in a contemporary, airy and luxurious style by Michaelis Boyd, they place emphasis on comfort and style. Bedrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows for views over the track, and the rooftop terraces on most units are perfect for hosting a viewing party at events. The developers note that bedrooms are built to function as separate units, so owners can occupy one and rent out the others.

The idea of sharing your home, however temporary, with others might seem strange, but developers are positive it will catch on. As further enticement, owners will get complimentary tickets to all of the circuit’s events too, including the Formula 1 and Moto GP, priority access to the track and expert driver tuition as part of the deal. Developers promise they will strive to learn what the owners like, to further customize the experience of their stay at the complex.

“We’re building a community that shares a collective lust for performance, speed and great machines,” reads the official description of the Silverstone residences. “Escapade Silverstone is completely integrated with the circuit – an authentic experience borne out of the world’s foremost racetrack. The result is a unique expression of Silverstone’s purpose.”

Announced in 2019, Escapade Living will break ground in September 2021, with some units ready to welcome guests in the spring of 2022.