Buying Used Supercars & How To Go About Doing So


Buying a car is always an exciting thing to do. You felt the little pang of pride when you bought your first car, the way that your mind reminds you that this is your baby, your car, your wheels. Of course, almost everyone prefers to buy new, but sometimes either circumstances, limited editions, or even not being invited to buy a car from some manufacturers can lead to you looking into the used market.

This is especially true in the supercar space. A great example of needing to be invited to buy a supercar exists with companies such as McLaren with their MSO series like the Senna, Ferrari with their anniversary cars every 10 years like the F50 and the Enzo, and the like. The only way to realistically purchase one of these cars is via a used sale.

Other times, perhaps the supercar you’ve been saving to buy has been out of production for some years. There are those who still, to this day, yearn to own a Type 993 Porsche 911, due to it being the last of the “true” air-cooled 911’s.

Whatever the reason, there are multiple routes to take to be able to purchase a used supercar. Realistically, these methods can apply to any used vehicle purchase, the only truly limiting factors are supply and competition for the vehicle.

On Your Own

Probably the most labor-intensive method, there are some people that prefer to go about finding their perfect car on their own.

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