Candy Purple 1968 Chevy C10 Drag Truck Spites Plum Crazy Fans Ahead of Real Build


General Motors produced the C/K series of trucks under the Chevrolet and GMC brands for more than four decades. Enough time for anyone to settle on a single Detroit automaker, presumably.

Some love the Blue Oval F-Series above anything else. Others only have eyes for the Dodge Rams. And, of course, there’s also part of the aficionado world looking at what GM has in store for them. But certain owners or builders are appreciative of the collective efforts, as well.

Although we can’t verify the idea, it might be the case here with this digital project that’s about to embark on a real-world customization journey. So, perhaps the C10 we see here in a few virtual postures was expressly modeled to resemble the Plum Crazy Mopar lot. After all, it’s either that or the idea was to spite them…

Frankly, we are always going to choose the positive supposition if anyone asks us. But they didn’t, so let’s check out the known facts instead. Abimelec Arellano, the virtual artist behind the abimelecdesign account on social media, has abandoned for a moment his very personal automotive visions.

Now he cooked up this 1968 Chevrolet C10 as a direct virtual-to-real order for an aftermarket outlet (Fabstar Performance Fabrication) that will use the pickup truck as a race week/weekend drag cruiser. It’s intended to have all the appropriate racer looks (and oily bits), so it’s not just going to spite Mopar Plum Crazy fans, but it might also beat them on the quarter-mile!

With a little help, of course, but not just from the fat rear tires. Those will be doubled by a 25.5 chassis that’s properly caged, a single turbo 502ci BBC (big-block Chevy) motor running on e85, as well as a TH400 transmission… And a parachute, of course!

Now, all that Chevy fans need is a bit of patience because the truck is only going to hit the dragstrip sometime next year when the real-world build is also scheduled to become complete.